"When we co-created and facilitated workshops together, "Conscious Choosing...Creating Consciously", I was always awed by the way information flowed through you with laser clarity and inspiration. I truly loved creating with you. Your ability to inspire out of the box thinking was wonderful and often pushed me out of my "comfort zone" while honoring and integrating all ideas. Thank you!! I have personally experienced, as well as witnessed profound transformation through your work. You have amazing intuitive sensitivity to guide people where they can flourish." 

- Robin     San Luis Obispo, CA


"I am forever grateful to Ce for the changes that have occurred within me and my life because of her unique healing gifts and work. I come out of a session with Ce and I feel more in tune, grounded, forgiving of myself, and having a greater understanding and appreciation of my path and life. She offers a safe and loving space to go deep into the transformative work, in which she is a wise, compassionate and profound guide and healer. I had been plagued with suicidal thoughts my whole life but since working with Ce for the past year they have ceased altogether. For this and many more positive results I am so thankful." 

- Mary     Boulder, CO

"Your intuitive abilities and your ways of engaging and connecting with people are angelic and “out of this world”. It is inspiring to think of your gifts being shared with a larger audience."  

- Doug     Singapore

"Ce, you have always been a person who believed in helping others find their potential and possibilities. You posses the knack for understanding people and supporting them through their own development and transformation. "  

- Julie     Golden, CO

"I was very new to Ce's work and did not know what to expect. I was amazed at the insight and methods she used to bring forth some things my subconscious was blocking. She has an incredible ability and intuition on what was holding me back. I have since been working on things and noticed a remarkable improvement on myself."      

- Ted     San Francisco, CA


Video testimonials

As a speaker and teacher, Ce has been asked to share her wisdom in numerous occasions.

In the following video Ce is interviewed about shame and blame and the ways to heal it

Watch more of Ce's participation with the Women's Network here: http://www.thewomansnetwork.com/