Radiant Union: An Embodied Journey to Wholeness (TBA -2018)

Welcome to the magnificent wonders of the rainforest and the beauty of Luna Lodge. Come join Alison, Jenny, and Ce and immerse yourself for 7 days and 7 nights of meditation, chakra clearing, embodiment work, and connecting with the nourishment of Mother Earth in our truest nature. When we do the inner work of clearing blockages and releasing stuck energy, we can tap into our own source and open the space for inner wisdom to flow. Our innate intuition can move us towards more powerful action and a natural alignment with our environment. In this workshop we will leave with a more secure sense of who we are and gain clarity and awareness in our bodies, minds, and hearts of our inherent capacity as whole, empowered, and limitless creators.  We will have tools to create clear, authentic shifts, and ground our warrior spirit.  This weeklong experience will enhance our passion, dedication, and commitment to our conscious evolution as sovereign individuals.


 Ce’s work during this retreat

Ce will be utilizing her training in Integrative Behavioral Kinesiology, Spiritual Response Therapy, Social Artistry, and Ancestral Clearing to re-code and re-template individuals to help bring forth their optimal potential. The techniques she will be using can help bring to surface the old programs, repeating patterns, archetypes, and outmoded paradigms that can run our lives, resulting in a complete “relationshift” with ourselves and the world around us. By clearing blocks, root triggers, limitations, and belief systems, individuals can awaken to who they are at a core level - their own hero’s journey and ideal template. 

Contact Ce here for more information or to sign up for this retreat